Green-Bow Crocheted Plastic Tote

This adorable bag is made out of plastic bags that were cut up, tied together, and then crocheted. This bag has two crocheted straps that have a single stitch crocheted along the edge to help prevent stretching. The entire inside is lined with a cute patterned black fabric with orange, blue, yellow, white, and pink fish, flowers, and hearts. Also, there is a matching green ribbon threaded through the stitches and tied in two bows, one on each side of the purse. Each bow is secured with a few stitches, so it won’t come undone. Also, the edge of the ribbon is painted in a clear anti-fray, so it won’t fray.


Height: 8.5 in; 21.6 cm

Length: 10.5 in; 26.7 cm

Handle Length: 17 in; 43.2 cm

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