Pink Purple Crochet Drawstring Backpack

Multicolored Purple Crochet Drawstring Backpack

This cute backpack is made out of yarn in different shades of purple. The pocket, drawstring, and straps are crocheted with a light purple yarn. On the pocket there is a flower made out of the same different shades of purple yarn that the backpack is made out of. There is also a bright purple plastic button to close the outside pocket. Also, the inside of the backpack is lined with a light purple fabric to match the pocket, drawstring, and straps. The places where I tied and cut the string are painted in anti-fray to prevent the knots from coming undone.

Backpack Dimensions(Un-drawn):

Length: 13.5 in; 34.3 cm

Height: 14.5 in; 36.8 cm

Pocket Dimensions:

Length: 10 in; 25.4 cm

Height: 6 in; 15.2 cm

Handle Length: 25 in; 63.5 cm

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